Safety while Managing Costs

Cost Control is obviously a major reason for your choice. Securing the safe transportation of your critical (susceptible) goods is relevant only if the transportation costs are affordable.

Our aim is to design packaging solutions meeting our customer’s technical requirements with the maximum payload and minimum volume thus providing them with a competitive edge at market price.

How do we reign in excessive costs?

We use cutting edge design process, we choose the right materials and finally we have a streamlined production line.

Custom sizes

Customers’ needs being our priority, we are willing to produce any possible shipper size from 2.5lt up to 200lt. With size customizing we can:

Advance repeated deliveries (Hospitals, Major Customers, Organizations) control space and cost:

  • Avoid useless space (Exact exploitation of net payload)
  • Use less cooling elements
  • Preparation from previous day (store of payload box in to the refrigerator and then loading direct to the Shipper)
  • Faster and safer assembling through repeated process
  • Best cost unit/lt for volumetric (Curries) charges.

Shipper’s Materials

The outer casing is made of triple corrugated cardboard. It offers plenty of protection at a low cost.

Main insulation material is high density polyurethane (PIR) panels. It offers the best performance under any profile, it has higher static strength, and it is lightweight and better ageing.

Shield barriers are used as a further insulation and a clear separation of the inner case from the outer case (cardboard + insulation panels). Last but not least they are diffusing the heat uniformly in the box minimizing risks of critical freeze.

Proprietary top lid, our shippers are equipped with a innovative top lid which seals the whole system while being very easy to place and remove.

Gel Packs are included in our shippers offer. The type and number of gel packs is calculated based on the box size, autonomy and temperature profile.

All Seasons

All seasons

Based in a country that still maintains all weather seasons give us the opportunity to test our products in real conditions and under all difficult scenarios from -15°C to +45°C with a great success.

This experience gives us the confidence that we can meet all our customers’ potential temperature profiles in the Mediterranean and Middle East area.

Given the fact that Mediterranean temperature profiles are far more volatile than Central or Western European ones it is easy to accommodate our packaging solutions for these markets too.

Temperature Profiles

Temperature profiles

All our packaging units (shippers) are tested under AFNOR, ISTA or Custom Profiles.

These profiles are international and allow our customers to better evaluate our products performance.

For our customers’ special needs, we can validate our units for custom made temperature profiles.

With actual (historical) shipment data we can suggest the right shipper system that offers the best protection at the minimum cost.

World wide coverage

Our high quality shippers offer safety and security for National, Regional and Worldwide coverings.

Our packaging systems are able to keep your goods in their temperature frame even under short but extreme temperature situations (either heat or cold) that might occur due to unexpected problems during the transport.

Our Thermal insulations Shippers can be used for transfers through

  • Airplane
  • Train
  • Ships
  • Trucks
  • Last mile deliveries
  • Or combinations of the above


We offer shippers with an autonomy starting from 24h up to 120h. This way we allow our customers to safely expand their market covering and/or lower their transport costs.

Specially validated solutions for exports

Tempus insulation shippers cover a large range of sizes and temperature profiles. Especially for export market we have developed 4 standard sizes with the aim to offer:

  • maximum payload size
  • optimum storage on Euro-pallets
  • lower costs due to production optimization