Safety at low cost
Packaging solutions that meet technical requirements with maximum payload in minimum volume.
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Custom sizes
Customers’ needs being our priority, we are willing to produce any possible shipper size from 2.5lt up to 200lt.
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Shipper's Materials
Optimum combination of standard materials for the bulk and high-tech materials for best performance.
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All Seasons
Based in the Mediterranean, we test our products in temperatures flunctuating from -15°C to +45°C.
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Tempus Superiority

Competitive advantages of Tempus isothermal shippers for cold chain
Eco friendly
We use recycled cardboard boxes.

Re-assembly saves space in your warehouse.

Re-use is possible for up to 6 months (50 times).

Optimum Payload Design
Using software we set custom shippers to the right dimensions for optimum loading of Euro-pallet (80 x 120cm).
Our unique design and choice of materials enables us to safely reduce the coolant mass and offer maximum payload capacity.
Easy Assembling
The assembling of our shipper units is easy thus decreasing your work force needs and assembling time. Crucial mistakes are minimized and the overall safety is increased.

(Ex. 90’’ assembling time)

Research & Development
Our porducts are designed and developed in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Dep. of Thermodynamics. All our products tests and validations are made at the NTUA labs and climatic chambers according to AFNOR’s and ISTA’s Guidelines.
Minimum Super Freeze risk
The use of fewer ice packs quantity combined with diffusion materials minimizes super freeze risk (below 2°C).

(Example 20lt Net payload / Ice packs 5 kgr aprxm)

Minimum Volumetric Size
Better insulation materials allows for thinner walls, thus lowering the transportation & storage costs.

(Ex. 20 lt payload / 48 lt external – ratio 44%)

The same external carton boxes can be parametrized for different temperature requirements and varying autonomy needs (24h – 120h) and can even be transformed into VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panels).
Minimum weight / Payload lt
Using polyurethane rigid foam giving us the benefit to attach minimum quantity of ice packs and this provides minimum weight per payload liters at any sizes

(Example 10lt Net payload 2kgr aprxm)