About Us

About Tempus

Tempus is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of temperature-controlled packaging for pharmaceutical uses and the healthcare market. We develop innovative solutions to cope with uncertain thermal conditions during regional or worldwide transits.

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for the pharmaceutical industry, offering a leading portfolio of products and services for each stage of cold supply chain management by giving safe and cost effective door to door solutions.

Tempus is a customer driven company. Our aim is to offer our customers the best value money for every need they have.

To achieve this goal we use proprietary design, standard materials for the bulk combined with few high-tech materials to get the necessary competitive edge.

Our material of choice for the insulation is high density Polyurethane / PIR. It offers the best performance under any profile, it has higher static strength, and it is lightweight and better ageing. PIR benefits are already well known in the cold chain business as it is extensively used by large and renowned suppliers all over the world as well as leading Biopharma companies.


Regions of Operation

Tempus is a new company with global aspirations. We believe that our Greek origin and our profound knowledge of the Mediterranean climate give us an edge over the competition to supply the best suited products for the Balkans and Middle-East market.

Greece is our berth market and we are already expanding our business in Israel and Turkey.

Keeping Cold Chain safe and secure through many stages increases material cost, volume and assembly time.

Our product development focus is to reign on these restraints in order to offer safe and best value for money door to door solution.